About Smartedge IT

SmartEdge IT, LLC is a Leader in the Business of Software Development and Leading provider of Information Technology Services. SmartEdge IT is a leading Web Development, Business Solutions and Systems Integration firm with a unique blend of services.

The Company’s expertise is focused on Industry Solutions in these core areas; Business Solution Management, Business Intelligence, Data- ware housing, Application Development & Maintenance, Quality Assurance. These are our areas of expertise, along with our Staffing Group and Off-shore delivery capabilities provide our clients a wide array of applications, including real-time systems, online systems, embedded systems, process control, transaction processing, image processing, data communications, networking, parallel architectures, e-commerce technologies and database management.

Smartedge IT 's competitive edge comes from combining technology competencies with its understanding of verticals, straddling a range of sectors from banking and insurance, pharmaceuticals, government and telecom, Financial services to education. Smartedge IT 's high quality, high value IT solutions have helped reshape businesses and delivered measurable results to our customers.


" An E - Verified company "